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River and Ranch characters

First of all, one might see this page as a spoiler - so spoiler alert!
Reading further than this paragraph will acquaint you with the pages of River and Ranch.

The crew found in the pages of River and Ranch is family, whether by blood, love, or friendship. Four characters act as narrators in their featured chapters. Since this is about family, overall there's a bunch more characters ranging from cousins and brothers to grandparents and aunts and uncles.

Cale Thomas - approaching middle age river guide on the Salmon River. PhD student at University of Montana. He's working on a rare earth-centered thesis for his PhD. Extremely gifted with language abilities, piano lover, and writer of poetry. On extended leave from Special Forces after too many TBIs. Involved in one last mission.

Dana Turner - staff scientist at INEL, a fed gov't lab outside of Idaho Falls. Horse lover and determined breeder of new appaloosa blood. Enjoying a summer sabbatical with an unfinished patent hanging over her head. Determined to revive and carry on the family ranch. Inspired by Leadore, Idaho's most famous citizen (as far as I can find anyway).

Sabrina Thornton - basketball loving soon to be ninth grader at Salmon High School, after a summer of unexpected discovery topped with adventure and guiding on the Salmon river.

Cassidy Norris - surfchild, horse lover and soon to be ninth grader at Salmon High School, after a summer of ranch living and making some unexpected new friends.

This page can only be complete with the inclusion of supporting characters like Lane Nygard, Cale's partner in all things military, language and geology. Myra, Jane and Jethro have their moments. Grandparents - Ray and Judy, Grant and Joanne, and Jared and Ann get their moments on the page as well.

The bad guys should get their mention as well, so Zho and Cai, Archie, and Ming here's your moment in the sun. You get a bit more in the book though.....