A book from JJ Bach


River and Ranch Research

Researching this book means two things to me: mining memories from the time that I lived and worked in the area and discovering a surprising amount of interesting things online, in one way or another.

A big chunk of River and Ranch takes place rafting down the Main and Middle Fork of the Salmon River. I made this part of the book as true as I could based on the years I spent guiding on those two amazing rivers. An incredible time in my life. The Main and the Middle are amazing places, especially if you were a corn fed Midwestern hick like I was when I found myself out there guiding raft trips.

This part of the world will always be my favorite. The rivers, the mountains, skiing, rafting, hunting and fishing, the ranching and the small town lifestyles are about as good as you'll find anywhere. At least to me.

The next big thing that emerges is the immensely interesting and intriguing world of rare earth minerals. It is a real life fact that China dominates this game. This was a research thing. It is also true that the real actual Lemhi Pass area in Idaho has active (as of November 2013) rare earth exploration being conducted by a private firm holding extensive mineral claims in the area. This was a fortuitous discovery that still surprises me. It was one of the reasons that finally conviced me to write this book. That such a relevant topic would pop up literally in the area I was writing about was beyond unexpected. This is a book that wants to be written.